Luxe Interiors magazine shoot

I'm particularly proud of this one!  One of my long time favorite clients, Applegate Tran Interiors, completed a stunning project in Saratoga, California and it was selected for publication in one of my favorite interior design magazines, Luxe.  It was an amazing project to have the opportunity to shoot. In addition to the interiors, the views and grounds were spectacular and completely private.  It felt like being at a very peaceful luxury hotel on your own private hilltop oasis over looking Silicon Valley.  The homeowners were as kind as can be with two very sweet and adorable dogs.  The publication didn't include any of the shots with the dogs, so I will have to share some outtakes in another post!


Recent New York Times shoots

Hello!  Wow, it's been so long since I've posted on my blog so there is a major backlog of things to share.  Been working hard!  First off, I'd like to share some of my recent photo shoots with the New York Times. It's been so fun getting assignments from them.  Lately, it's been quite a mixture of things which I've been enjoying -- portraits of CEOs at some interesting tech companies, a survey of new businesses in a very cool and up and coming section of Berkeley, and an architecture cruise on San Francisco Bay.  I've included some tear sheets below for you to check out.  Thanks!


California Interiors Summer 2014

In case you missed it! (although, you probably haven't at this point. :) I am so excited to have had this project that I photographed for Applegate Tran Interiors and Mark Brand Architecture published in the latest issue of California Interiors I can't stop sharing it!  Anyway, it's a stunning  project that really showcases how talented they are. This is a residence so beautiful and serene and full of light, I really didn't want to leave. The expanse of windows everywhere looking out to the surrounding forest of trees makes it completely private.  What a dream!  Enjoy!  Thanks for checking it out. 

The New York Times

Check out my most recent photography assignment from The New York Times about San Francisco and tech companies repurposing older buildings in the city, especially along Mid-Market. This was a really fun project that allowed me to explore and document many of the rapid changes that are taking place in the city in areas that have been neglected for long time. I have an office in the area, so it was such a great opportunity to slow down and visually connect with the neighborhood. I was given access to places like AirBnB, Spotify, and Twitter and was able to capture some of their beautifully designed common areas. It's a really interesting article  written by The New York Times architecture critic, Michael Kimmelman.


The New York Times

It's been awhile since I've posted on here, but I'm finally catching up on sharing some of these interesting jobs I've had recently.  Better late than never!  Here is a  New York Times photography assignment from March featuring a homeowner in San Francisco who gave his house a Twitter account which sends out tweets whenever his home technological gadgets perform a task. This is the beginning of the "internet of everything". Get ready!


American Express OPEN Forum - TaskRabbit

I just recently photographed the offices of San Francisco based company TaskRabbit for American Express OPEN forum. These photo essays on small businesses and their work spaces is new feature on OPEN. TaskRabbit has become really popular and their offices were full of youthful energy and well monitored by a very cute dog named Buster Brown. He was my little assistant following me everywhere while I photographed the employees and the space. You can check out the spread and article here, written by the very talented Katie Morell: 


New York Times

Hey there, haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to get this one on the blog. I just received a PDF of the copy from last Sunday's Times. In case you missed the print version. The slideshow online features many more photos. You can check that out here. This was my first time assignment for the New York Times. Very exciting! It was such a great experience. And needless to say, these places were amazing! Stayed tuned for this Sunday's paper too!

Best of Houzz 2013 for Design Photography

I just realized I am one of seven photographers in the Bay Area selected by Houzz for best of design photography!  You can check out all the work from the link below.

Gotta Dance!

So, in addition to featuring recently commissioned photography of architecture and design projects, I've been attempting to use this blog as a forum to introduce and showcase other kinds of work - a bit more personal in nature.  I'm a huge dance fan.  In fact, at one point I wanted to be a dancer.  But after taking a few classes in my younger days, I realized -  uh, this just isn't happening.  So what better way to get my fix than having an opportunity to photograph these fine specimens. Here are some selections from a documentary project of a small local LGBT themed dance company I did a couple of years ago.  Over the course of several weeks, I photographed their many rehearsals leading up to the performance. It was a lot of fun and made me really appreciate how much work goes into something like this. My favorites are always the backstage, behind-the-scenes, in-between moments.  Here are a few.

Artist - Doug Shoemaker

Here are some images from a recent photo shoot of artist and friend, Doug Shoemaker, in his awesome studio in San Francisco.  He does these amazing paintings of architectural details, usually set in desert landscapes like Palm Springs, and they are done in watercolor!  It's such an interesting and overlooked medium. His ability to render detail and capture light and shadow is quite impressive. They are hyper-realistic on the one hand while also becoming abstractions the more you look at them.  He's currently represented by SFMOMA's rental gallery down at Ft. Mason.  Check out his work here.